Flexibility and

What we do

Comprehensive debt collection

We think of collection, not only as a service, but as a comprehensive strategy in search of optimizing results, and delivery liquidity to our clients operations, trough an effective asset recovery. Different markets and industries have given us the experience to understand the new consumer and adapt to their behavior, use of media and contact channels, in an effective and close way, wich allow us to maintain their loyalty with our clients.

  • Preventive debt collection
  • Pre judicial collection
  • Judicial collection


  • Contact Center
  • Digital Channels
  • Field management

We deliver asset management solutions for every need.

Pablo Zabala

General Manager Atlantic Region (Argentina - Paraguay)

We implement the best practices of each market, seeking to deliver greater effectiveness and performance. 

Sebastián Martínez

International Business Manager
What we do

Financial Market Support Services

We know that the needs of each client are unique, that´s why we have the operational and strategic capacity to adapt to these needs quickly and efficiently.

  • Distribution of financial and other products
  • Telesales
  • Customer Service
  • Distribution of financial and other products
  • Constitution of pledge for automotive credits
  • BPO collection process and customer service

We ensure the operational continuity of our clients, with a dedicated and flexible service.

Claudio Arriagada

Pacific Region Operations Manager (Chile - Perú)

We do not only manage assets, in RECSA we manage Confidence.

Alejandro Ruiz

Corporate Finance and Administration Manager
What we do

Asset management

We believe each business area should be a contribution to our clients, so we buy punished financial credit portfolios. This line of business allows us to provide financial institutions with an alternative to close the placement cycle and reduce the risk of its operation. This business also allows us to support and deliver a personalized service, oriented to each of the clients that present debts, thanks to a detailed knowledge of the situation of each case, wich pushes us to develope customized solutions for each of them and payment alternatives that allow them to order their finances, recovering their stability and financial health.

More than 2 million operations and 43 Portfolios acquired since 2003
Our capabilities

What make us different


We have the operational capability to adapt our service ,in a fast an efficient way, to the exclusive and unique requirements of each client.


Result oriented system and process optimization that provides liquidity.


To our clients and their consumer, based on more than 30 years of experience and innovation.


Technology and Innovation at the service of our clients

We provide our clients with the latest data management, analysis and planning technologies, with a look of constant innovation in the processes and use of contact channels.

  • Business intelligence
  • Georeferencing
  • Contact Center
  • Omnichannel
  • Score Modelse
  • CRM (Customer Relatonship Management)
  • Canales digitales